Tiny Winged Turtlez

5,000 small turtles with wings. Randomly generated. Fully on-chain. Mint your Turtlez before they fly away!

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Turtlez WTF?

Turtle White Wings
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Tiny Winged Turtlez is a collection of up to 5,000 fully on-chain NFTs. There's no off-chain API or asset storage. Other than this website, Tiny Winged Turtlez uses nothing but its smart contract to function. Because all artwork and metadata is generated and stored 100% on the Ethereum blockchain. Some Turtlez are rarer than others.

Turtle Perks

Your Balance:


Tiny Winged Turtle

While ever you hold the corresponding number of Tiny Winged Turtlez in your wallet, you'll have access to these benefits:


Tiny Winged Turtle

Every Tiny Winged Turtle held gives you 1 entry into mint point triggered giveaways of NFTs from fully on-chain projects.


Tiny Winged Turtle

Take a walkthrough course teaching you how to create an NFT project like Tiny Winged Turtlez step by step. 3 modules live now!


Tiny Winged Turtle

Get all of the source code for the Tiny Winged Turtlez NFT project so you can launch one like it yourself, fast.

Mint Turtlez to access perks now:


Turtle Normal Type
Turtle Zombie Type
Turtle Droid Type
Turtle Alien Type

At every stage reached, 3 random Turtle holders will be airdropped 1 NFT from a popular fully on-chain pixel art project. For eligibility, simply hold a Tiny Winged Turtle when the mint thresholds below are crossed:


At 1,667 Turtlez minted, 3 NFTs will be airdropped from project 1.


At 3,334 Turtlez minted, 3 NFTs will be airdropped from project 2.


At 5,000 Turtlez minted, 3 NFTs will be airdropped from project 3.


You can learn more about Tiny Winged Turtlez below.